Gamification: A powerful hack for your sales team

Needless to say, HR executives are trying every trick in the book to keep their workforce on their toes. But the million-dollar question is, to what extent are they successful in doing so? And even if they do achieve a reasonable amount of success, how sustainable is their strategy in the long term?

One of the universally accepted fact about company’s foundation irrespective of what domain they operate in, is: Marketing and innovation collectively makes up the foundation of the company. But, the key ingredient required to build that kind of foundation is employee motivation. Keeping the workforce motivated and churn out the best possible output from them remains one of the main challenges for HR executives.

The Solution

Well, looks like finally there exists a sophisticated yet having a high sustainability score than any strategy which are in use today and it goes by the name, Gamification Technology. We are proud to announce that ME Educational Technologies and Consultancy Services  have been recognized as one of the  Top Gamification Technology Consulting/Services Company-2019 by APAC CIO outlook!

Gamification works on the psychology of competition, i.e. when we play a game, we become more absorbed in it, we feel a greater sense of achievement and are willing to go the extra mile. Gamification as a process became popular in 2010. In fact, Gartner research even predicted that by 2015, organizations that deal with innovation processes will gamify them. Studies have shown that gamification has a positive impact on people, however, individual differences exist.

Certain advantages of gamification include:
1. Enterprise gamification increases employee engagement.
2. Enterprise gamification offers immediate signs of achievement and progress.
3. Enterprise gamification allows the best and brightest to shine.


It is said that gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology. Gamification is an excellent tool to use when you are trying to encourage your sales team to work harder, and it’s a great way to freshen up a sales department that may have become stagnant or ineffective. Thus, sales Gamification is a game mechanism that encourages competition and inculcates positive attitude into sales reps.

The Gamification Market is set to cross $23 billion by the year 2022. According to recent data obtained, companies have observed upto 14% higher skill-based knowledge, upto 9% higher knowledge retention rate, and upto 11% higher factual knowledge, over conventional learning methods after implementation of Gamification Technology. Also, almost 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement. Gamification technology is projected have benefited the Global top 100 companies exponentially.

Ways to Implement

1. Leaderboard

A dashboard to let the sales representatives know who is out performing his/her in terms of targets or individual conversions. The urge to succeed will push the reps towards working harder and accomplish the goals. When the sales dept is gamified, the sense of competition and working as a team induces a feeling of strong connection.

2. Incentivize the performance

Incentives is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the goals that are set. Nothing motivates the reps more than cashing in those extra dollar bills on their performance. But yeah there are other ways incentivise them as well some of those include:

  1. Awarding Badges
  2. Giving away paid leaves
  3. Dinner reservations
  4. Sales rep of the month titles
  5. Company branded goodies.

3. Mentoring

The overall work culture is quite casual between seniors and juniors around in the office nowadays. The work environment is slightly introverted when it comes to asking for remedies for certain situations as the common psychology is to resolve it by your own to prove yourself. It doesn’t happen much in sales department but yes it exists there as well. But in a gamified system, this doesn’t exist due to its collaborative nature. When the rewards are up for grabs, there is nothing like shying off from seniors or anything else like that eventually enhancing the networking factor. This also helps in building brain- storming sessions between various tiers of reps and managers.

4. Maintaining Data Integrity

In a typical conventional CRM system, sales reps don’t care much about updating required data like call statuses, feedbacks etc and simply just close the deal. Whereas in a gamified CRM when you allot point for complete data submissions, a cleaner pipeline is maintained.

5. Unity Among Team

Sales reps generally feel like they are on their own as they travel to different locations which results in them feeling isolated. In a gamified system, this feeling is eradicated as they feel more connected within the team. One can also group a few reps and allot targets to them along with the rewards which makes them coordinate with fellow group members.

Conclusively, gamification in a sales environment results in exponential increase in sales efficiency, improve employee engagement, better pipeline. Live Demo is also available at your disposal.

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