Now manage Your Members Like Never Before

Key Highlights For Our Membership Management Software

Experience the versatile strengths of the leading MMS from MEET CS! Our MMS is efficient towards streamlining your different processes and collecting the membership dues. The MMS also consolidates all the different engagements and operations with your membership community at one single place.

Automated Membership Workflows

The MMS guarantees improvement in membership management workflows at your clubs and associations.

  1. Provides high retention rates with automated membership application processes and fee collection making the processes hassle-free for the members.
  2. Exciting features include membership, validation, automatic ticketing, finance and invoicing, email notifications and push notifications among others.
Our membership management shall improve workflows at your clubs and provides for maximum retention rates
Manage events of any scale with convenience from a single dashboard

Organize Events Of Any Size

Our Membership Management Software enables you to manage events of any scale with convenience, from a single dashboard. We help you deliver premium and noteworthy event experience to all members and attendees.

The important features of our software include custom registration forums, event website builder, event blueprint duplication, online payments and ticketing, and multi-language support among others.

Achieve Maximum Engagement For Members

We help you connect with your members in a very personalized and customized way.

  1. MMS brings to you features such as community networking, member engagement platforms, virtual membership cards, membership directory, and online subscriptions among many others.
  2. We also help you plan, deliver and implement promotion and incentive campaigns and programs, which are highly attractive and take the membership engagement level to its zenith.
Features such as community networking, member engagement platforms, virtual cards, directories and subsciptions are present in our membership management software
With improved digital and email marketing campaigns you get greatest number of new registrations

Increase Registrations and Achieve Better Revenues

We also help you improve your digital and email marketing campaigns and have the greatest number of new registrations.

  1. Send branded event invitations and get benefited from features including smooth check-in, networking, multi-session tracking amongst others to improve your registrations and renewal figures, to boost your revenues like never before.
  2. We ensure the most satisfactory return-on-investment (ROI) figures when you choose our world-class MMS and digital services.

Swift Implementation

We offer you our fully customized membership management system in no more than three or four weeks. The time may vary according to your customization requirements as well. You can now achieve the next level of efficiency and customer/member favoritism and popularity in, not more than a few weeks by choosing our MMS and support services.

Fully customized membership management system in stipulated time frame varying according to your customization
Our membership management software has the best in industry mobile responsiveness that provides easy usability

Mobile Responsive

Because of the ubiquity and preference for smartphones, you cannot neglect the implications of this communication and engagement channels for the revenues and success of your membership plans and programs. Our MMS has the best in industry mobile responsiveness that provides for easy usability across the different devices including smartphones and tablets. You can now keep your members engaged anytime and no matter where they are located.

How do we deploy your Membership Management System?


  • No Specific Software required to access your Membership Portal
  • Subscription based model
  • Faster Implementation 
  • Easily Scalable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced Security 
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Technical Support provided


  • Greater Customization Options
  • Better Control over the system
  • Less dependency on the provider
  • Easier Customization of the learning environment
  • Cost effective in long term.
  • Greater control over the implementation process
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Increased Optimization with respect to the local system’s configuration

Why Do You Need Our India's Top Rated Membership Management Software?

We at MEETCS fully understand that the member organizations and associations need to fulfill needs while also delivering the best value and services to the members. Member or customer relationship management is the most important aspect of an association. You can rest assured of achieving commendable efficiency and technological upgrades when you choose our Membership management system.

Top-Notch Communication

It is the most popular system amongst all membership applications-

  1. It contains all the data and information relating to your members.
  2. A better understanding of the process.
  3. Help you develop the practices that can provide you better results.
  4. Notifications enable you to swiftly initiate and maintain all correspondence with members and staff.
  5. Build on the relationships and enhance the member retention rate by using our top-rated MMS.
  6. Secure access provided to members will ensure the safety of the program.

Effective and Efficient Organization Structure

  1. The MMS will transform your association into a customer-favorite one and will provide for stress-free interactions and dealings.
  2. Work in a much more organized way with the featured dashboard.
  3. Improve transparency and accountability of the processes.
  4. Exciting features to avoid monotonous or mundane tasks for the staff as well as members.
  5. Convenient Memberships’ report generation, trend analysis, and other functionalities.
  6. Generate greater and valuable insights.

Streamlining The Processes

  1. A single software and ERP, MEETCS MMS streamlines all your processes and turns them into seamless workflows.
  2. The system includes functionalities towards new membership and membership renewal fees, payments, event organization, feedback, and many others.
  3. Make your donations, fundraising, and revenue processes more transparent and efficient and generate greater finances as well through attractive and convenient MMS.

Member Reporting and analytics

Our MMS is customized just following your needs and purposes.

  1. Easily analyze and track all the member data and use it in relevant ways to attain the objectives desired.
  2. A range of reports including membership reports, fee reports, and the customized reports can be generated through a single click.
  3. The data can also be easily exported or shared across computers and team members.

Why Choose Our Membership Management Software?

MEETCS offers you the advanced Membership management system that can take care of the multiple needs of your association, including college, club or any other. We also possess immense expertise in providing a range of ERP solutions, Learning Management System, and other software and services to organizations and corporate benefitting clients and customers.

Our versatile offerings improves efficiency in generating outputs adn fulfillments of aspirations of our clients both in education and corporate sectors

Host of Offering

Any membership application could stand apart when a multifaceted approach is taken along with offering number of features. Our versatile offering improves efficiency in generating outputs and fulfillment of aspirations of our clients both from the education and corporate sectors and that has been our ultimate motive for the solution.

We are one of the most reputed membership management software and automation companies worldwide


We are one of the most reputed companies in the business segment that offers the world's best MMS and ERP software and digital services to clients worldwide. We are a duly certified and accredited NASSCOM Associate. We also hold awards and recognitions including the CIO APAC award for our world-class Gamified HRMS solution Talenticks. We hold a favorable reputation and have helped clients across the world fulfill their business needs and excel in even the most adverse market conditions.

Apart from membership management system, we also offer learning management systems, recruitment solutions, and human resource systems

One-Stop Destination For Multiple Digital Needs

We at MEETCS specialize in a range of ERP software and digital services. Apart from the membership management system, we also offer learning management systems, recruitment solutions, and human resource management systems. We also hold immense expertise in mobile app development, software development, web development, and other realms of Information Technology.

Our next-generation membership management system employs safest reputed payment gateways and multiple stringent security levels

Support And Security

We offer 24 by 7 support for all our ERP solutions including our next generation membership management system. We also use and employ the safest and most reputed payment gateways and have multiple stringent security levels to ensure all kinds of data and information (including membership data and financial information) is fully secure from any security threats.


What kind of organizations and institutions can use MMS?

Our Membership management system can be used by clubs, associations, colleges, schools, sports facilities, gyms, libraries, universities, public institutions, private corporations and other concerns that have a membership program structure. Small, medium or large-sized organization and institutions having varying member strength, staff and resources can get benefited from the multiple functionalities of the MMS. The multi-chapter membership capability of the MMS makes the MMS useful for all associations and clubs that are part of larger organizations.

I already have a website. Will the MMS work with it?

The MMS is an advanced technology and software that can be integrated with any existing website. The software can also be integrated with other ERP systems, CRM systems, and other software. If you have a requirement, we can also create a customized web portal and website for your organization or institution.

Can the software handle event registration?

Our software and membership management system is fully capable to handle all kinds of events including the complex and simple events. It can also handle donorship/fee collection,receipt generation, and many other similar processes and tasks.

Can I try MMS free for a month?

We would be delighted to provide you a free demo and use of the software for a month. Call us now witness the real-world benefits of our next generation MMS now.

Can I integrate and import other data that already exist with me?

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and customers to ensure that all their existing data and systems are seamlessly integrated with this new and advanced MMS. You can hope to achieve a fully operational MMS in not more than three or four weeks.

How soon can I get the software for my club or organization in a fully functional form?

Depending on the extent of customization, we will deliver you fully-functional Membership management system and software along with necessary training and support in no more than 3 or 4 weeks.

Call us now, visit us, or contact us through email to witness a single membership management software and system that can transform your operations and make you immensely successful in the shortest period of time.